Everybody excretes BPA

Those with children may be familiar with the vulgarly-titled but charming book Everybody Poos, Todos hacemos caca in Spanish, or Minna Unchi (みんなうんち) in the original Japanese of author Taro Gomi. The same can be said of bisphenol-A (BPA), as

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EFSA March 25 revision

Did EFSA really correct its opinion? The answer is No.

Not happy with the assessment of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on the safety of BPA, it seems that some groups are trying to re-frame the EFSA’s Scientific Opinion. EFSA, under pressure from an NGO, made an editorial amendment to

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Alphabet soup: understanding EASs, EDCs and BPA

Two years ago, in March 2013, we expressed our hope that the “fundamental distinction between an endocrine active substance and an endocrine disrupting one will be taken in due consideration.” Unfortunately, that important point, also expressed back in 2013 by

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