Credit: Barry Welch

JAMA Paper on BPA – A lot of breath about weak findings

A new study is circulating in the news this week which is presented as establishing a causal link between asthma and bisphenol-A (BPA) despite the researchers’ own acknowledgement that their findings are marginal. Many reporters have written about the study

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BPA in the media – Let’s read between the lines before drawing conclusions

This fall, writing about science has been the new black. However, communicating science to non-scientists is more difficult than one may think. Keeping the meaning intact while getting rid of the jargon often proves a daunting exercise. And unfortunately, readers,

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Why did the chemist cross the road?

The concept of marketing a product as “chemical free” is so bewildering to chemists – those people who have spent their lives devoted to what most of us left behind after the chemistry lessons of school – that they have

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