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PLOS ONE study on BPA and receipts – beware of scaremongers!

You’re probably visiting the blog because you’ve noticed media hype around the study from the University of Missouri and the University of Toulouse on exposure to BPA from handling thermal receipt paper. Following the study’s publication, media outlets such as

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Credit: Barry Welch

JAMA Paper on BPA – A lot of breath about weak findings

A new study is circulating in the news this week which is presented as establishing a causal link between asthma and bisphenol-A (BPA) despite the researchers’ own acknowledgement that their findings are marginal. Many reporters have written about the study

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Shoehorn. Illustration cite Barry Welch

BPA in the media – Let’s read between the lines before drawing conclusions

This fall, writing about science has been the new black. However, communicating science to non-scientists is more difficult than one may think. Keeping the meaning intact while getting rid of the jargon often proves a daunting exercise. And unfortunately, readers,

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