Overhyping hypertension

Blood pressure is an important indicator of an individual’s health. Hyper- or hypo-tension represent risk factors, that, if detected and treated, allow to avoid medical complications such as heart diseases, neurological pathologies, and kidney diseases. Tension is thus worth monitoring,

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FDA 2014 safety assessment of BPA

US FDA confirms safety of BPA, 23 days before arbitrary French ban enters force

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has re-affirmed that BPA is safe in food-contact applications and that the margins of safety exceed the uncertainty factor of 1000. This assessment is the update of a series of evaluations on

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Why canned goods are important for holiday charity drives

Canned goods are collected by many charities around the Christmas season because canned food offers self-stable and secure food supplies, in no small part due to the BPA-based epoxy resin lining the inside of cans.   Christmas is a wonderful time

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