BPA in beer cans: Cheers to an informed debate

Since beer cans have become cool again (even in Belgium, the world’s number one beer country), there’s been increasing coverage in the media of the exposure from the minimal amounts of BPA used to line the aluminum cans. Media outlets,

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Is there really value to the EWG report?

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a well-known NGO in the US has surveyed food companies on their use of BPA-based epoxy coatings for food cans. Considering that this survey is based on the flawed premise that tins lined with BPA-based


Why canned goods are important for holiday charity drives

Canned goods are collected by many charities around the Christmas season because canned food offers self-stable and secure food supplies, in no small part due to the BPA-based epoxy resin lining the inside of cans.   Christmas is a wonderful time