Study on cost of exposure to EDCs in the US – or the art of beautifying inconsistent data

You may have read in La, Le Monde, or that the alleged impact of exposure to endocrine disruptors in the US is an extraordinary $340 billion. This number is so large is seems implausible. And it probably

On BPA and New Year’s Resolutions

As we launch into 2016 with optimism, we look to the end of the year and aspire to see a more balanced debate on bisphenol A (BPA). This goal will be the source of motivation in the coming 355 days.

Alphabet soup: understanding EASs, EDCs and BPA

Two years ago, in March 2013, we expressed our hope that the “fundamental distinction between an endocrine active substance and an endocrine disrupting one will be taken in due consideration.” Unfortunately, that important point, also expressed back in 2013 by