The European Parliament is trying to teach a fish how to swim: when politicians play scientists

Some members of the European Parliament insist on trying to teach fish how to swim. With their amendment last week, summarised on Twitter as “Ban BPA from all food contact materials, say MEPs”, members of the European Parliament have decided

Spring scene

Spring is here – so is our new Twitter banner!

After a fairly long winter in many parts of Europe, especially in the South, no one can hide their excitement that spring has arrived. It’s also a good opportunity for the BPA Coalition to reveal its new Twitter banner! If


What would you believe, if not an independent public authority?

Last week, EFSA confirmed its previous scientific opinions that BPA is safe. Nonetheless, many people expressed doubt. On Twitter, we asked a few people who expressed shock or disbelief to EFSA’s findings why they were skeptical. One response was “You