Scientists fight back against false narratives

This week is all about dispelling myths and misperceptions. In addition to John Oliver’s popular new video on science reporting, in Europe, a handful of scientists are willing to stand up and defend their field. In their press release they

Perturbateurs endocriniens : Suède vs. Commission – et le BPA dans tout ça ?

Depuis quelques années, les autorités européennes se penchent sur la question du choix des critères à appliquer pour déterminer ce qu’est un perturbateur endocrinien ; le règlement REACH et quelques autres dispositions législatives font en effet référence aux perturbateurs endocriniens. Pour

risk hazard

“Risk” & “Hazard”: Can you tell the difference?

In the discussion about chemical substances and their regulation two words come up all the time: “risk” and “hazard.” While people often think they mean the same thing and in many languages there is one work to describe both, there