BPA and fast food: no relation between the two


The headlines should have read that there is no association between total fast food consumption and exposure BPA for the articles about the study by Ami Zota, assistant professor of environmental and occupational health at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health and her team.

However, some newspapers, such as El Mundo, got the facts all wrong and told their readers that people who eat more fast food have more BPA in them. Luckily, most news outlets got the study right and reported the truth, which is that the George Washington researchers concluded that there was no significant correlation between exposure to BPA from food contact materials and fast-food intake.

“We  observed  evidence  of  a positive, dose-response  relationship  between  fast  food  intake and exposure  to  phthalates (p-trend<0.0001) but  not  BPA,” the researchers wrote – this means there is no association between total fast food consumption and BPA.

As fivethirtyeight.com explained in depth, “You Can’t Trust what You Read About Nutrition”. It is true that in everyday life, the modern products and packaging that we use in 2016 contain a wide variety of chemicals with long and unclear names. But this does not mean that chemicals are bad. Often, the most common and proven safe chemicals have the most complex names. Who knew that Ranasmurfin was a blue protein from the foam nests of a tropical frog or that alpha-tocopherol is vitamin E.

We can’t reiterate enough that for all substances, may they be natural or chemically manufactured, what really matters is quantity.

As we’ve said multiple times, BPA is one of the world’s most tested substances and even if you get exposed to minimal substances through food, there is no problem; the body excretes it thus automatically eliminating any potential risk.

 So, next time you hear about exposure to BPA from your favourite burger, don’t put it down; BPA should be the least of your worries when it comes to fast food. But now that we think about it – even moderation in moderation is the best motto!

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