The European Parliament is trying to teach a fish how to swim: when politicians play scientists

Some members of the European Parliament insist on trying to teach fish how to swim. With their amendment last week, summarised on Twitter as “Ban BPA from all food contact materials, say MEPs”, members of the European Parliament have decided

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Low-dose theory in the area of food safety – EFSA sets the record straight

The European Safety Agency (EFSA) has added more certainty to the discussion about the so-called ‘low dose’ theory: “it is so far not supported for substances in the area of food safety.” Over the years there have been multiple allegations

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Minimal risk of BPA leaching into canned food confirms Singapore Consumers Association

While it’s true that Singaporeans overuse the verb “confirm” as part of their everyday slang, this time it’s used in its correct form. On 22 August, the Singapore Consumers Association confirmed that common food products in supermarkets have no detectable

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